Party HireI’m not kidding…have you ever had a “Percussion Party?” Add a twist to the theme: Moroccan, African, Arabic, Brazilian, Indigenous – you name it! We supply percussion like Bongos, Congas, Djembes, Tablas, Tambourines, Shakers, etc. You can even have your own facilitator to lead the group and watch the fun roll!

One Moroccan Party had a different set up of drums in each room … some Congas … some Bongos …some Djembes … some Tablas! The DJ started pumpin’ and the atmosphere was fantastic with drums resonating from each room!

How about a Rock n Roll Party that includes a band set up – small PA, amps, drums & mics … suddenly all your guests are a member of the Rolling Stones or Beatles!

Try something different. If you’ve got a great idea – talk to us!


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