Take a 1 (or more)-hour workshop to your business and get your staff playing as a team—in rhythm. In Sync with each other!

Through Rhythm, Rounds & Rhyme our facilitators give your staff the keys to work together cohesively and reach success by truly listening to each other, participating fully, taking responsibility and getting in-sync with the shared goal!

We are very proud to join together with Dot Yam & Associates (Leaders in the field) to offer a fun, Informative and enlightening workshop that will “Facilitate With Rhythm”. Along with Vivienne Black and Davo Fester, your session will help implement a great number of team building and leadership skills, that will translate into greatly improved productivity. Not too mention THE Stress Release ! Please call with any questions.

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ALL CLEAR PRODUCTIONS has access to up to 100 Djembes (African Drums) and many educational Percussion Instruments. Great for staff parties too!

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